2016 Little Smiles Stars Ball

The Philadelphia Chapter of Little Smiles was co-founded in 2006 by Jeff Mullen and Steve Grandizio and serves as an independent affiliate of Little Smiles Inc. in West Palm Beach, FL. Our mission is to cure spirits by cultivating smiles. We feel that smiles are an integral part of a child’s health and well-being especially when displaced or faced with illness.

Little Smiles partners with local hospitals, shelters, and other like-facilities and works directly with nurses, social workers and caregivers to fulfill personalized requests that create smiles on the faces of children in need. Whenever possible we make our caretakers the heroes by allowing them to make the special delivery to kids.

Our Partners include but are not limited to:
AI duPont
St. Christophers
Wesley House Shelter
Philadelphia Children’s Alliance

We have created Little Smiles with:
iPads and other electronics
Concert Tickets and Experiences
Hospital Visits from Superheroes
In-hospital movie theater
Junk Food Runs
and more!

“A smile can brighten the darkest day.” -Anonymous

Visit our webpage at www.LittleSmiles.org

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